Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Squash Ribbon Salad

It's the dog days of summer - and Lily has decided that she will enjoy them inside lounging on the couch in the AC.  This is how our basset hound x springer sleeps.  So odd.....and incredibly un-ladylike.

But let's get to the matter at hand.  Summer squash ribbon salad.  We've been grilling a lot.  I always like to pair grilled food with a nice, simple, fresh side dish of some sort that takes very little effort, and preferably doesn't require an oven.  This dish is it. 

I don't think there's anything more beautiful than ribboned summer squash.  Look at that - so delicate and full of color.  I sliced up these beauties {yes, using my mandoline} and sauteed in some olive oil with crushed garlic.  Threw in some toasted pine nuts and fresh basil, seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper and voila!  Done.  The perfect side dish for any grilled masterpiece.  We ate this right up, including my husband, who is usually not a fan of any type of squash.  In fact he said to me, "I'd make this again."  Two thumbs up!!

The dog days of summer allow us to be a just a little lazy, right?  Right?

Well, whatever.  This salad is well worth the laziness.

Happy Eating!

Summer Squash Ribbon Salad
Recipe by A Toast to Taste
Photos by A Toast to Taste

Ingredients Needed:
2 medium summer squash or 1 large, sliced thin the long way
2 Tbsp oilive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted
fresh basil, julienned - as much as you like
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium heat.  Add in crush garlic cloves, cook for about 1 minute or until they start to crackle in the pan.  Remove and set aside.  Add squash ribbons, season with salt and pepper.  Cook for about 3-4 minutes or until they start to soften.  Add pine nuts.  Cook for another minute.  Remove from heat and stir in fresh basil.  Serve and enjoy!

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